T5F: Underrated Performances

Regina King and Carrie Coons' performances on The Leftovers got us thinking about other criminally underrated performances. 5. Michael Cera as George Michael (Arrested Development) Sometimes, I like to imagine what it was like casting Michael Cera for this show. It had to be a no-brainer, right? "Oh. This is the kid. This is the kid."  He's so... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Snow Related Plot Devices

Oh, snow. You crafty bastard. Always using your wiles in the most inconvenient ways. You show yourself at the most inopportune times, blanketing our fake towns in fluffy white mush (that is CLEARLY not real snow), stranding our favorite fictional characters in cars and cabins and forcing dramatic, and sometimes hilarious, confrontations. You are cold,... Continue Reading →

Great Moments #10

by Judi Show: Gilmore Girls Great Moment: Luke and Lorelai hit their first town meeting as a couple and get an unwelcome surprise as their relationship is apparently the hot-button issue AT the town meeting. There is little better on this earth than witnessing Luke spazz out at Taylor, the resident gestapo of Stars Hallow.

Character Spotlight: Paris Geller

by Judi Show: Gilmore Girls Character: Paris Geller Played By: Liza Weil Basically: The show Gilmore Girls kicked off its pilot episode with Lorelai Gilmore's brainy sixteen-year-old daughter Rory getting accepted into essentially the most terrifying, formidable private school in Connecticut (forcing Lorelai to go to her estranged blue-blood parents for financial help in paying... Continue Reading →

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