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Sorry about the silence around here. I’m battling a deadly disease (sounds better than “the sniffles”) and Beal’s life, it sounds like from Twitter, is basically unraveling at the seams.

Anyway, here’s a quick Round Up of the TV I’ve caught over the last two weeks and my thoughts because, oh, you are DYING to hear my thoughts.

Glee Fall Finale (Last Wed. 12/9)

Thoughts: First of all, kudos to FOX for brazenly creating a new thing- “the fall finale.” And we all just started saying it like shows freezing for months around the holidays isn’t a completely usual thing anyway. They’re called “reruns because everyone’s out shopping and putting on their winter weight.”

As for the episode itself, I seriously love this show and I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I’ve TiVoed back and watched Rachel belting out “Don’t Rain On My Parade” a dozen times since the show aired last week, the little gay man inside my straight woman’s body was doing cartwheels- CARTWHEELS.

Here’s my one problem- Glee is not the tightest-written show, as I’ve worried over before. They let storylines drop left and right (Artie and Tina- really, there’s nothing residual from that whole thing? And did crazy Terri actually tell Quinn she’s not taking the baby anymore? That seems like a HUGE hole) but this one just kills me. The Glee kids panic because the other teams stole their musical numbers for Sectionals, WHATEVER WILL WE DO? Here’s a thought- how about perform one of the DOZENS of other numbers you rehearsed all season long under the guise of a set-list for the competition. “Keep Holding On?” “Hair/Crazy in Love?” “True Colors?” “Jump?” You had routines and everything. So confused.

Top Chef Finale (Last Wed. 12/9)

Thoughts: Kevin was off his game and by the end of judging, I knew he was sunk. Just a heart-breaking loss for all of us who were a little creeped out by the Voltaggio brothers. I have to say, though, I think Michael deserved the win. His dishes were the best and he’s more innovative than his brother. Also, way to go for the cheap emotional hit by bringing their mother into the equation, Bravo. I could always count on you for the obvious blow.

So I guess we’re stuck with Michael “Blue Steel” Voltaggio. God help us all.

The Sing-Off (All Week on NBC)

Thoughts: My GOD, this show is terrible. TERRIBLE. Nick Lachey, as pleased as I am to see you working, you need to take your beefy hands off the mike you’re strangling and go back to making Vanessa some muffins, or whatever the hell you’ve been up to. The showboating, the jazz hands, the expressive facial movements that make my insides die. Last night, my friend remarked that all she wants is for the dude from the Police Academy to show up as a contestant, making all those sound effect noises and putting everyone to shame. That would be amazing. At least make him a judge next to Ben Folds and the King & Queen of Irrelevance. Judi says no.

“The Situation” and Snookie on The Tonight Show (Tues. 12/15 on NBC)

Thoughts: Snookie (of the now infamous Jersey Shore- like we needed yet another example of how MTV has turned from the cool older brother who lives in the attic and still has a sweet record collection to a $2 whore trying to get her five year old into beauty pageants so she could take her boyfriend Carl on that trip to Tijuana) admits she only likes guys who use STEROIDS. The Situation gives our Co-Co the best nickname ever (“The SOLUTION.” COME ON) And Italian-Americans everywhere, including myself, try frantically to remind everyone of the days when people only thought we were murderers and tax-evaders. So, yeah, awesome TV. Watch the clips here.

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Picture 3

Posted by Judi

I had such high hopes for FOX’s Glee. Maybe too high. I admit that I MAY have gotten a LITTLE overexcited at the return of the highly touted musical-dramedy that’s supposed to be scripted television’s answer to reality shows monsters like American Idol.

Glee was supposed to tap into our lust for solid television writing, whimsical antics, an intelligent take on high school angst and, you know, ball-busting musical numbers. And Jane Lynch. It was supposed to give us heaps and heaps of Jane Lynch chomping through the scenery. So, at least one thing has been delivered.101glee_sc-8_3277_f

And the rest? I think we’ve fallen into a schizo mess. What started as a fun musical comedy is going the way of ultra-camp-soap. We’re heading down Ugly Betty Lane and I, for one, prefer to keep Ugly Betty as the only destination on that street. After all, they’ve got the talent (Vanessa Williams, Judith Light) and the bonkers energy, not to mention those fantastic set-dressings, to hold up their soapy storylines. All Glee has at the moment is the high-powered talent of Jane Lynch and diva-teen Rachel, who honestly makes my insides hurt, she’s so good. (Oddly, both shows share mealy-mouthed, wide-eyed, Cupie Doll actress Jayma Mays).

This picture scares the bejesus out of me.

This picture scares the bejesus out of me.

I was all right with the musical numbers at first because, in the pilot, they were strictly relegated to the show choir rehearsals and performances. And I was IN LOVE with that idea. Sidelining musical extravaganzas to places where music is actually supposed to be played? It allows the show to explode with all the camp and musical-genre fun they want without alienating those people in the audience who despise musicals for the very unrealistic tendency for strangers to suddenly start dancing in the street.  It breaks momentum. It’s a showcase for talent, sure, but Glee already HAS that showcase- the Glee Club.


So now, Glee has started dancing in the street. And the car-wash. And the hallways. AND THE FOOTBALL FIELD DURING A GAME. I get it, Ryan Murphy. You want to sell the music on iTunes the way it worked so spectacularly over the sumer. Message received. Now can you please stop making the characters embarrass themselves with their dancing and gyrating to Single Ladies in their football gear? There’s not enough room for me AND my dog to hide under the couch until the number is over.

And now Will’s wife is going to steal that cheerleader’s baby? Wha? REALLY? Is this the new Melrose Place all of a sudden? Where the hell is this going? Heather Locklear can’t be everywhere at once, you know.

I’m worried, Glee. Very, very worried. The last time I was this worried, it was for a promising show about superheroes that started going off the rails. And I think we all know how that’s going.

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by Judi

As a kid, I loved September because I was a giant nerd who enjoyed shopping for school supplies. As an adult, September is really all about television and thus, a reason to celebrate. What shows (both new and returning) am I most looking forward to? I’m so GLAD you ASKED.*

Glee (New)


When: September 2 on FOX

Why: Because I loved Nip/Tuck before it got way too weird. Because Jane Lynch is in it. Because teacher Will Schuester is seriously cute. And it’s about outcast kids who SING. As we’ve established, I kind of love that a lot.

Community (New)NUP_134878_0426

When: September 17 on NBC

Why: JOEL MCHALE. The promos have actually been amusing (which is nice for a change). Chevy Chase looks like he’s doing his best Lovahs impression but mostly for Joel McHale, whom I would walk through a California fire to see.

Bones (Returning)bones

When: September 17 on FOX

Why: Honestly… I don’t know. I was seriously irritated by the season finale but…argh… I just…I can’t… I’m willing to give Season 5 a chance to redeem itself. Let’s leave it at that. (Plus, the BBC just canceled Robin Hood and I’m so happy about that, that I’m willing to be charitable.)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Returning)


When: September 17 on FX

Why: Doesn’t it feel like forever ago since we’ve seen Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee and Frank? I started seeing previews for the new season a few weeks ago and cannot even begin to describe my joy and excitement. Just that one image of Charlie and the cat with the red mittens set me up for the rest of the month. Can’t wait.

How I Met Your Mother (Returning)


When: September 21 on CBS

Why: I probably would never have started watch HIMYM if it weren’t for sweet, glorious Lifetime. I have an automatic aversion to CBS comedies (hearing that everyone’s dad likes “The Big Bang Theory” is not enough of an incentive to actually watch the show. And I’ve seen “Two and a Half Men” and all I have to say is, “Really? THIS is the biggest sitcom in America?”). Mother, however, while not being all-out funny is actually really enjoyable to watch. The characters are just quirky enough to be endearing and the situations actually ring true for a 20/30 something group of friends. Plus, Neil Patrick Harris is in it and apparently you didn’t get the memo that we have to see him in EVERYTHING these days.

Modern Family (New)


When: September 23 on ABC

Why: The up-close previews at my local movie theater actually made me chuckle. And while I’m pretty sure I’ll watch this show once and then completely forget it exists, I’m still excited to see that first episode. Plus that girl from Ed and Lost (and Happy Madison!) is in it.

* Harry Connick Jr. was seriously underrated on Will and Grace. Just saying.

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by Judi

The much-anticipated (by me, anyway) Glee pilot airs tonight (9/8c) after that reality-show-contest about whiny wannabee singers and their whiny has-been judges. What’s that show called again?

Jane Lynch! Journey! That crazy girl from Nip/Tuck! Enough cheese to smother Wisconsin! I AM SO THERE.

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