Do You Miss Us?

Sorry about the silence around here. I'm battling a deadly disease (sounds better than "the sniffles") and Beal's life, it sounds like from Twitter, is basically unraveling at the seams. Anyway, here's a quick Round Up of the TV I've caught over the last two weeks and my thoughts because, oh, you are DYING to... Continue Reading →


I’m Worried About “Glee” (Wednesdays on FOX 9/8C)

Posted by Judi I had such high hopes for FOX's Glee. Maybe too high. I admit that I MAY have gotten a LITTLE overexcited at the return of the highly touted musical-dramedy that's supposed to be scripted television's answer to reality shows monsters like American Idol. Glee was supposed to tap into our lust for... Continue Reading →

In TV World, September is A-W-E-S-O-M-E

by Judi As a kid, I loved September because I was a giant nerd who enjoyed shopping for school supplies. As an adult, September is really all about television and thus, a reason to celebrate. What shows (both new and returning) am I most looking forward to? I'm so GLAD you ASKED.* Glee (New) When:... Continue Reading →

Delighted Clap- GLEE

by Judi The much-anticipated (by me, anyway) Glee pilot airs tonight (9/8c) after that reality-show-contest about whiny wannabee singers and their whiny has-been judges. What's that show called again? Jane Lynch! Journey! That crazy girl from Nip/Tuck! Enough cheese to smother Wisconsin! I AM SO THERE.

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