Summer Binge Report: Get Your Glow On

Playing House, Season 3 (USA): Oh man. How happy was I to discover all 8 episodes of the long-awaited third season is On-Demand right now? Pretty happy until I got to the episodes where Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair wrote St. Clair's real-life cancer scare into the season; then I was happy and quietly... Continue Reading →


Summer Binge Report

Completed: The Leftovers is done! I DID IT. 28 episodes in six days. HBO free trial has been cancelled and I'll keep my money uh thank you very much. All-around, a terrific show. Everything I've heard about it is accurate- the first season was a bit of a drag but the second and third seasons contain some of... Continue Reading →

T5F: What to Binge This Summer

5. True Blood, Seasons 1-7 – Amazon Prime  Here's my list for a summer binge: at least one show needs to really feel like summer. On this list, it's True Blood. It's set in Louisiana so it always feels steamy, unseemly and just a little bit sticky (must be all the dried blood). It's campy and dramatic and visually... Continue Reading →

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