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by Beal

5. Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas Cross in “What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston” (2004)

NUP_105415_0701This is a prime example of NBC trying to boost ratings on two absolute B-list shows. Even I didn’t watch Las Vegas, but as the one and only fan of Crossing Jordan I was admittedly a little bit stoked when the powers that be decided to blend these two sort-of crime dramas into one big case that spanned two episodes, one of each show. Now, first of all, Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessey) is a medical examiner in Boston, where she has NO JURISDICTION outside of medical examination. 18845379Similarly Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) and Sam Marquez (Vanessa Marcil) who work in a Vegas casino, obviously have no jurisdiction anywhere outside of that casino, let alone in a different city, in a different state. Vigilante folks, vigilante. Anyway, some high roller from Vegas dies on an airplane headed towards Boston, and Jordan, Danny and Sam join forces with Det. Woody Hoyt (Jerry O’Connell, could this crime busting team get any better? I submit that it cannot.) and solve the crime. Also Woody and Sam hook up, and Woody appears in at least four more episodes of Las Vegas, which clearly did nothing for ratings, as both shows were soon canned. (Note: I seriously LOVE Crossing Jordan and will expand on this at a later date.)


4. Detective John Munch arrests the Lone Gunmen in on The X-Files “Unusual Suspects” (1997)

r_belzerDetective John Munch (Richard Belzer)  is a walking crossover. The role of Det. Munch originated on Homicide: Life on the Streets and nearing the end of its run, Munch appeared in a 1997 episode of The X-Files. Due to a busy shooting schedule (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were filming for both the show and the feature film) writers decided to do a special episode about the Lone Gunmen and how they met. To get to the flashback though, the oddball trio were arrested in Baltimore and questioned by none other than Detective Munch. A year later, Homicide was cancelled and Munch was transferred to New York City and the latest Law & Order spinoff, Special Victims Unit. While portraying the same character YET AGAIN, Belzer also appeared in two other L&W franchise programs (Trial by Jury and plain), The Wire and Arrested Development. I find it odd, that a character this nondescript could transcend space and time to appear in so many programs. I bet when SVU is cancelled the actual LAPD assign him to some kind of task force.

3. The Sitcom Moms visit Roseanne Conner in “All About Rosey” (1995)

lookalikeroseanne16496roseanneI’m not sure if this technically counts as a “crossover” since every character that crossed over’s show had long since been off the air, but still, this crappy clip show is what I will consider a crossover extravaganza featuring not one, but FIVE different crossed characters from FIVE different television shows including June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, Ruth Martin from Lassie, Norma Arnold from The Wonder Years, Weezy from The Jeffersons and then that other lady who according to IMDB is from Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (1965-1967). Yes I recognize that this was a lame gimmick during an otherwise not great era of my favorite TV show, but fine, uncle, I was totally pumped that these five TV mom’s came together in the Conner kitchen and were forced out of their comfort zones and into that of the “Domestic Goddess.”

Roseanne: One time, I found some old reefer in the basement.
June Cleaver: Reefer?
Roseanne: Ask Eddie Hascal…anyway I thought it belonged to David, he’s the boy who sleeps with my daughter. But it turned out it was MY old pot! 

2. The Jetsons Meet the Flinstones (1987)

There is no reason I should glean as much as much joy from this cheap stunt Hanna-Barbera pulled back in the late 80’s, but something about time travel and mixing the space age and the stone age with corporate intrigue entertains me. And as if it wasn’t enough that the futuristic gadget-laden Jetsons made their way back in time, wouldn’t you know it, an error in the time machine would bring the cave-dwelling Flinstones into the future! Imagine that! I also always love that upon first meeting both parties believed the others to be aliens, because that makes sense. The Jetsons don’t even know where they landed, wouldn’t they assume it was earth, especially when the “aliens” were speaking English? As for the Flinstones, they were barely bi-pedal, so I won’t fault them for their stupidity. The fact that Judy Jetson wanted to get away from her rockstar boyfriend because he was spending too much time with groupies only bolsters my opinion of this excellent MFTV crossover program.


1. Steve Urkel takes Al to the dance on Step by Step “The Dance” (1991)

I am a sucker for any episode of any show featuring a school dance and the requisite disappointment and self-esteem deflation that comes along with it. In this classic episode of Step by Step tomboy Al is asked to the dance by the hot pitcher on her baseball team. Guess what’s going to happen next. . .Oh yes, of course, he decides to go with a different, prettier, more popular girl, leaving Al dateless and depressed, that is until Steve Urkel steps up to the plate (enough with the baseball references already). I mean, who better to really stick it to the hot popular guy with, than some stereotypically nerdy, high-waters wearing, squeeky voiced friend of your half-brother’s whose affinity for cheese is tantamount to his ability to RUIN everything he touches, but in a hilarious slapstick kind of way of course? Well, the night of the dance, Al is dressed to the nines in a lovely early nineties floral number and she and Urkel are going to have some fun, show you how it’s done TGIF! (I totally just said that.) Bonus points for a guided dance-along!

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by Judi


Really? You’re keeping Heroes but you might not renew Medium? REALLY? It’s like finding shit on your shoe and THROWING OUT THE SHOE. Who does that?

I don't know what's going on here but I find it highly amusing and it solidifies my point. Thanks.

I don't know what's going on here but I find it highly amusing and it solidifies my point. Thanks.

You’ll bring back Law & Order: SVU but maybe without Benson and Stabler? Really? You think that’s really going to work? Do you think we watch that show just for a few brief seconds of Munch and Cragen? WE DON’T. We watch it because Stabler might punch someone in the face and then Olivia will need to lie about it.

You seem like a nice man and we both love "Top Gear" but no, no, NO.

You seem like a nice man and we both love "Top Gear" but no, no, NO.

Jay Leno five nights a week? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO. That’s five hours a week of programming dedicated to a man whose comedy is so obsolete, it’s not even welcome when you’re standing in an endless checkout line at the supermarket, wondering if anyone finds those stale “Headlines” jokes remotely amusing anymore and do we REALLY need small TV screens at THE SUPERMARKET? I love television but COME ON. And oh my God, Kirstie is on the cover of People and her poodle is insane, what is happening to this world?


Celebrity Apprentice. No. Stop it. I mean it, you’re embarrassing me. STOP IT. In a related rant- remember a few years ago when feminists everywhere were all “we’re going to take the word ‘bitch’ back! And we’re going to OWN it now!” And that didn’t really work because taking back words is not really a solid plan, ever? I still I think we should try it now. I think we should get Jolie and Pitt and Clooney and Roberts and Lance Armstrong together and force them to reclaim the titles “celebrity” and “stars” so that network honchos will no longer boost their middling reality and game show fare with such claims. It is not Dancing With the Stars. It’s more like “Dancing with Has-Beens and Hacks and People Who Sign Photos at The Mall” and it is not Celebrity Apprentice so much as “What’s His/Her Name Again? Apprentice.” Someone please stop the insanity. Let’s take back the night. Let’s take back EVERY NIGHT, starting on NBC from 10 to 11PM.

I miss you, Conan. So so much.



PS Thank you for renewing Friday Night Lights. It’s like we went to couples counseling and you’re still not doing most of the major things we discussed necessary for you to become a better partner but you ARE clipping your toenails in the bathroom now. I’ll take it where I can get it, thank you.

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My name is Melissa. M-E-L-I-S-S-A. And I’m addicted to Intervention on A&E.  I used to enjoy the show for the first 15 minutes when they would show how entirely fucked up an addict would behave. I realize how twisted it might be to find humor in such serious problems, but I don’t think anyone can, with any amount of confidence, proclaim that a naked, drunken, methed-out stripper throwing chicken and cup a noodles while jumping on a bed with a 40, isn’t funny. However, in recent months Intervention has taken on a much more tragic tone. I mean, it was always tragic, but of late, it’s less “Wow, that girl is fucked up” and more “Oooof, why am I watching this, let alone saving it to Tivo?” 

Last night’s episode miiiiight encourage me to “Modify Series Recording” though. On the surface, Lana looks like your regular pill popping alcoholic. But, obviously, we must wait until the 13 minute mark to learn that she had been raped–a fact she only learned when the feds rolled into Utah, called her up, and presented her with a five hour DVD of the attack that they had recently found in the assailants apartment. 

Now, I would venture to say that I have seen every episode of this show, and a helluva lot of Law & Order SVU, but never seen anything so entirely fucked up as a victim learning of a past sexual assault via DVD. 

That girl that sucked “Duster” 24/7 and felt like she was “Walkin on sunshine,” though, will always make me laugh.


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