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by Judi

I always start freaking out this time of year. Season Finales are playing out and I’m forced to wonder if the summer’s slim programming means I’m going to have to spend time OUTDOORS. Not happening. Do you know how annoying it is to put on sunscreen? Super annoying.

Five Reasons Not To Panic That The TV Season is Officially Over


1) The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien starts June 1 on NBC. Jay Leno’s reign of terror gets a brief hiatus before he starts attacking us earlier in the evening.


2) Burn Notice returns June 4th on USA. The bad news is that it’s a cable series which means it’ll end after about two months and we’ll be back in the same leaky TV boat that we’re in right now.


3) Royal Pains premieres on June 4th, also on USA. The cable network tends to be hit-or-miss in the programming department (hit: Burn Notice, Monk, Psych– miss: Law & Order: Criminal Intent, by far the worst Law & Order of them all. Although I do get a good laugh whenever I see those promos where Jeff Goldblum  strikes a pose next to his lady partner) but kudos for hiring “Hey, it’s THAT guy!” for the lead and “Hey, it’s that guy from Road Trip and nothing else!” as his sidekick.


4) Raising the Bar on June 8th on TNT, aka Zack Morris’ Hair- What Will It Be This Time?


5) Leverage also on TNT (airing in the all-too-vague “Sometime this summer” zone)- possibly the best “doing the dishes” show from last year. Fun and you can totally watch it while doing something useful, ie the dishes. Unlike some other shows (I’m looking at you, Lost. High-maintenance much?)

Now, if you really want to be depressed about the summer schedule, click here. I’m warning you, though. It’s really, really depressing. You might not recover from it.

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I like you. Are you happy? Despite a few glitches (like that guy on the left who has popped up on and off for the last ten years and, I honestly, have come to despise him. Yes, you, guy from Angel and that one episode of Dawsons Creek and the super annoying ex-boyfriend in Just Married. Arghhh, please leave me alone!) and a very poorly advised plot point involving Timothy Hutton’s drinking problem and some so-so acting, I have come to dig you. The character of Parker helps. A lot.

Now, in typical cable series fashion, just as I have admitted I like you, you will immediately go off the air. In fact, I think your season finale is in two weeks. Great Just great.

We still have The Closer and Bones reruns, TNT. Don’t you worry…

– Judi

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