T5F: Most ‘WTF?’ Episodes in Television History (Cont’d)

Note: I haven't read Beal's yet so there may be some repeats on this list or there might not be. I'm saving her list as my "you wrote your post, good job" treat. Here we go. The most WTF episodes I've ever experienced. 5. Lost - "Do No Harm" (2005) There were a number of genuine "WTF... Continue Reading →


Top Five Friday: 5 Shows You Should Be Watching in 2010

So. There's good news and there's bad news. The GOOD news is that there are some fantastical, magical, should-be-riding-on-unicorns shows on television in 2010. Some of those babies are so adored and beloved that their safety is secure. The bad news is that because of your neglect (yes, you. It's your fault. I have a... Continue Reading →

The Philanthropist

by Judi Thanks a lot, NBC, for providing me with a promising new show with a name that I have to spell-check twenty-seven times. I'll confess that I'm mainly checking out this drama at 10/9C (given a surprisingly positive review from Entertainment Weekly) because Neve Campbell is in it and I have a bizarre sentimental... Continue Reading →

The Unusuals- Reviewed

Hmmmm. I don't know about this. First of all, The AV Club was right in their assessment that the previews for The Unusuals are a bit misleading- the new ABC show is more streamlined cop-drama than it pretended to be. I guess they have to play up the weird to snag the lead-in Lost audience,... Continue Reading →

I Hate You, Comcast

Thanks a lot for this new game we're playing where you go in and out of reception. If you're broken, just GO ALL THE WAY OUT, instead of this "it's ok now- fuck, no, it just went to black- ok it's back, settle in- nope, gone again- ok, wait, here- nope, gone- wow, gone for... Continue Reading →


Ok, so last week I was reading the Lost feature in Entertainment Weekly and Evangeline Lilly says something to the tune of, "The audience really wants to see me end up with Jack" and I had one of those surreal, out-of-body experiences where I wondered if Morpheus had wandered into my apartment and spiked my... Continue Reading →

Random Notes About This Week

- Lost: Love that Desmond named his kid Charlie. That kid Faraday (Maggie Gyllenhaal's fiance from Secretary, aka the the twitchiest actor EVER) is really starting to get on my nerves. I get it, brainy people are very nervous and stutter a lot but do you see how infuriating it is to watch this for... Continue Reading →

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