Top Five Friday: TV “Star” Encounters (Continued)

by Judi Clearly, living in LA for four years has its benefits. 5. Jessie Katsopolis's Dad (John Aprea) from Full House I remember watching an award show once. Julia Roberts won for something, it must've been Erin Brockovich. And she climbs up on stage to receive it and then has a momentary freak-out because Beau... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Top Five Haunts & Hangouts (Continued)

by Judi Here's a question before we begin. Why didn't some enterprising genius ever figure out a way to create actual restaurants based on these iconic TV hangouts? Do you even KNOW how much money would've been made from situating a real Peach Pit in Beverly Hills in the '90s? SCADS OF MONEY, YES. I... Continue Reading →

Freak Out

When I lived in LA, I saw celebrities, yes. It's a little like if you were the zookeeper's kid and people were always asking you if you ever saw any animals and you were all, "They just like walk around my house! It's BANANAS." Seeing Bruce Willis in the wild is also bananas. Even more... Continue Reading →

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