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I had such high hopes for FOX’s Glee. Maybe too high. I admit that I MAY have gotten a LITTLE overexcited at the return of the highly touted musical-dramedy that’s supposed to be scripted television’s answer to reality shows monsters like American Idol.

Glee was supposed to tap into our lust for solid television writing, whimsical antics, an intelligent take on high school angst and, you know, ball-busting musical numbers. And Jane Lynch. It was supposed to give us heaps and heaps of Jane Lynch chomping through the scenery. So, at least one thing has been delivered.101glee_sc-8_3277_f

And the rest? I think we’ve fallen into a schizo mess. What started as a fun musical comedy is going the way of ultra-camp-soap. We’re heading down Ugly Betty Lane and I, for one, prefer to keep Ugly Betty as the only destination on that street. After all, they’ve got the talent (Vanessa Williams, Judith Light) and the bonkers energy, not to mention those fantastic set-dressings, to hold up their soapy storylines. All Glee has at the moment is the high-powered talent of Jane Lynch and diva-teen Rachel, who honestly makes my insides hurt, she’s so good. (Oddly, both shows share mealy-mouthed, wide-eyed, Cupie Doll actress Jayma Mays).

This picture scares the bejesus out of me.

This picture scares the bejesus out of me.

I was all right with the musical numbers at first because, in the pilot, they were strictly relegated to the show choir rehearsals and performances. And I was IN LOVE with that idea. Sidelining musical extravaganzas to places where music is actually supposed to be played? It allows the show to explode with all the camp and musical-genre fun they want without alienating those people in the audience who despise musicals for the very unrealistic tendency for strangers to suddenly start dancing in the street.  It breaks momentum. It’s a showcase for talent, sure, but Glee already HAS that showcase- the Glee Club.


So now, Glee has started dancing in the street. And the car-wash. And the hallways. AND THE FOOTBALL FIELD DURING A GAME. I get it, Ryan Murphy. You want to sell the music on iTunes the way it worked so spectacularly over the sumer. Message received. Now can you please stop making the characters embarrass themselves with their dancing and gyrating to Single Ladies in their football gear? There’s not enough room for me AND my dog to hide under the couch until the number is over.

And now Will’s wife is going to steal that cheerleader’s baby? Wha? REALLY? Is this the new Melrose Place all of a sudden? Where the hell is this going? Heather Locklear can’t be everywhere at once, you know.

I’m worried, Glee. Very, very worried. The last time I was this worried, it was for a promising show about superheroes that started going off the rails. And I think we all know how that’s going.

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