T5F: Favorite Cult Shows

5. Riverdale - CW, 2017 - Present The newest one in the bunch! What a weird, wonderful show. The thing I think I appreciate about any teen show is when it's genuinely well done. Teenagers are, how do I put this lightly, teenagers are dumb- they're unformed adults and they usually have terrible taste; you... Continue Reading →


Character Spotlight: Veronica Mars

Show/Character: Veronica Mars Played By: Kristen Bell Why Are We Talking About Her Today: Because every time I'm on Facebook, I am BOMBARDED with ads and polls and videos for her latest movie When in Rome which, frankly, looks terrible. I, the lover of all romantic comedies, would honestly rather watch that Sarah Marshall classic... Continue Reading →


Beal is grappling with a Lifetime addiction. I say EMBRACE IT. Reach out and wrap your arms around Meredith, Markie, and Marcia. Enfold Harry Hamlin and Christine Lahti in warmth and love. Say "yes we can" to titles like "She's Too Young" and "You'll Never Take My Daughter Alive" and "Willing to Kill"*. Applaud, hopefully... Continue Reading →

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