2017 Emmy Rundown

Various thoughts and musings: When Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda went off on Trump and Dolly Parton squirmed uncomfortably between them, I hid underneath my couch and have yet to emerge. Can't decide if I love it or hate it- Jessica Biel's retro look: Positive that I hate it: Sarah Paulson's puffed sleeves nightmarescape. Why... Continue Reading →


Post-Grammy 2010 Notes

1. Why was everyone dressed like they suddenly remembered it's 2010 and it's officially time to start looking like the futuristic, alien versions of ourselves? In other words, LEATHER AND ROBOTS. 2. Has Cry-Baby's Hatchetface ALWAYS been a member of Green Day? 3. Anyone else think that this Green Day musical will be the self-important... Continue Reading →

Great Moments #9

Show: The Primetime Emmy's 2007 Great Moment: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announce Ricky Gervais as the Best Actor in a Comedy and, since he's not there to receive it, give it to their old Daily Show alum buddy Steve Carrell instead, prompting the greatest Man Hug of All Time and, really, the only funny... Continue Reading →

Emmy Hangover

by Beal CBS broadcast the 61st Annual Emmy Awards last night.  It was a three hour program with no shortage of uncomfortable acceptance speeches, annoying Kanye jokes and fast-forwarding through the lame reality TV portion (seriously Jeff Probst? "This one's for the dreamers?" Stop it.) Neil Patrick Harris proved to be a decent host, not... Continue Reading →

2009 Emmy Nominations!

by Beal I'm not really a huge fan of the Awards shows--Emmy's, Oscars, Grammy's--mostly because the entertainment industry is the only profession (apart from insurance salesmen) who make up and hand out awards for "outstanding achievement" at a constant. Don't get me wrong, were I to star in a television program or movie, I would... Continue Reading →

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