Character Spotlight: Veronica Mars

Show/Character: Veronica Mars Played By: Kristen Bell Why Are We Talking About Her Today: Because every time I'm on Facebook, I am BOMBARDED with ads and polls and videos for her latest movie When in Rome which, frankly, looks terrible. I, the lover of all romantic comedies, would honestly rather watch that Sarah Marshall classic... Continue Reading →


Character Spotlight: Veronica Palmer

NOTE 1: Hi, I'm back. I know, I'm excited too and wondering how I ever lived without myself. NOTE 2: Today's Character Spotlight choice is no accident. I am in an absolute panic that ABC might cancel Better Off Ted. And I'm already heartbroken over what's currently happening to my precious Conan, it's been a... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Blair Warner

Show: The Facts of Life Character: Blair Warner Played By: Lisa Whelchel Oh, Blair: Spoiled rich kid Blair was my FAVORITE Facts of Life character and so, I will not BESMIRCH (best word ever) her divine character. Too much. Because she really was basically a spoiled cow.  Oh, and kind of a huge bitch. I... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Cody Lambert

Show: Step by Step Character: Cody Lambert Actor: Sasha Mitchell* Duuu-uuddde: Wow. Could there be a greater stock "mimbo" (Seinfeld anyone?) than Cody Lambert, Frank (Patrick Duffy) Lambert's misbegotten nephew on the TGIF family classic Step by Step? This guy is ridiculous!! Basically a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle personified, this twenty something, awkward arm moving,... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Samantha Newly

Show: Samantha Who? Character: Samantha Newly Played Oh-So-Winningly By: Christina Applegate In a Nutshell: There are two Samantha Newly's, actually. The first is who Sam used to be-  the selfish, bitchy, cutthroat 30 year-old vice president of a real estate company who lives to torment the little people who deign to live at her feet.... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Stephanie Tanner

Show: Full House (1987-1995) Character: Stephanie Tanner Actor: Jodie Sweetin How Rude!: What an unfortunate turn of events for Ms. Stephanie Tanner. She was without a doubt the most ADORABLE child actor on television in the late 1980's, and she had the dimples, the blonde ringlets and the sassy one liners to prove it! She... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Barney Stinson

by Judi Show: How I Met Your Mother Character: Barney Stinson Played By the Legendary: Neil Patrick Harris In a Catchphrase: Barney Stinson likes women. He likes women, cigars, making up rules about life, catchphrases, sleeping with women, hitting on women, having and being a wingman, working at Goliath National Bank, being awesome, and suits,... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Sue Ellen Ewing

by Beal Show: Dallas Character: Sue Ellen Ewing Actress: Linda Gray Essentially: Emily Post's got nothing on this bitch. A former Miss Texas, Sue Ellen is the most proper southern belle you'll ever come across. She has impeccable manners and is probably the most polite individual ever. That is, until she gets a snoot full... Continue Reading →

Character Spotlight: Joan Holloway

by Judi* Show: Mad Men Character: Joan Holloway Played By: Christina Hendricks In a Nutshell: Don't let the curves deceive you. (Former) Sterling Cooper office manager Joan is waaaay more than just a pretty face and a "rockin' ass"**. She's part-mother hen to the secretary pool, part-mentor-part-rival to fresh-faced upstart Peggy Olsen, exceptionally cool at... Continue Reading →

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