Great Moments #17: Roseanne Takes David In

Show: Roseanne Moment: Ok, ok. I'm cheating here. There are three great moments here, crammed into this seven minute clip as Roseanne responds to David's request to live with the Connors instead of his verbally abusive mother, hair teased within an inch of her life. 1) "Oh, I am in this now." Roseanne responding to... Continue Reading →


Great Moments #16: Lucy Does the Tango

Show: I Love Lucy Moment: Lucy's hiding three dozen egg under her shirt. This is a very inopportune time for Ricky to want to practice the tango. On the moment of impact, enjoy one of the longest recorded laughs in TV history.

Great Moments #15: Turk Does “Poison”

Show: Scrubs Great Moment: Some of Scrubs' best moments are when they let Turk completely nerd out. I mean, if this little number, Turk's audition for the air band, doesn't inform you why he and JD are Bestest Friends Forever, I honestly don't know what does. 1 million views INDEED. Carry on...

Great Moments #14

Show: Will & Grace Moment: I'm sorry. I know there are people out there who think Will & Grace suffered from Too Many Guest Stars Syndrome but any use of Sandra Bernhard is ok in my book. I'm also such a sucker for any time Grace attempts to sing.

Great Moments #13

Show: Melrose Place Moment: Kimberly's back! And everything's just peachy-keen after her nasty accident. Until she sneaks into the bathroom, pops a pill and pulls off what turns out to be a wig, revealing a seriously nasty scar and causing the viewers of America to shriek, "Oh, SHIT." Let the crazy begin!

Great Moments #12

Clip: The Trip Back PSA Moment: You should just really watch the whole thing. See if it reminds you of any of our Worst Dresser winners...

Great Moments #11

by Judi Show: Friends Great Moments: People tend to be snarky about Friends these days (it's regarded as the McDonald's of sitcoms now- popular abroad, way-too-prescient here) which I can understand but it still makes me a little sad. There's something so comforting about occasionally revisiting Central Perk and watching the wholly unrealistic shenanigans of... Continue Reading →

Great Moments #10

by Judi Show: Gilmore Girls Great Moment: Luke and Lorelai hit their first town meeting as a couple and get an unwelcome surprise as their relationship is apparently the hot-button issue AT the town meeting. There is little better on this earth than witnessing Luke spazz out at Taylor, the resident gestapo of Stars Hallow.

Great Moments #9

Show: The Primetime Emmy's 2007 Great Moment: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announce Ricky Gervais as the Best Actor in a Comedy and, since he's not there to receive it, give it to their old Daily Show alum buddy Steve Carrell instead, prompting the greatest Man Hug of All Time and, really, the only funny... Continue Reading →

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