T5F: Best Animated Shows for Adults*

*exclusing The Simpsons 5. The Drinky Crow Show, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network 2007-2009 I don’t really even know how to describe this show. Created by Tony Millionaire (Andy Richter’s brother in law through marriage), based on his Maakies comic strip, this 13 minute show is one of a kind. A borderline suicidal crow navigates the sea... Continue Reading →

T5F: Best Animated Shows for Adults

5. Ren and Stimpy This show is so awesomely bizarre that I remember being a little surprised it was on Nickelodeon. I think nowadays it might land on Adult Swim. Anyway, I loved it and its utter weirdness. There’s also something slightly grotesque about it that makes it more than just lovably quirky. Like some... Continue Reading →

Everything is Terrible Let’s Talk About TV

1. Or look at pictures about TV. Mike Denison is drawing a picture of Bea Arthur every day for a year (again). 2.  Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later is now on Netflix. It is, as expected, completely ridiculous and has crammed so many movie parodies into it, that it's frankly impressive. Bonus points for... Continue Reading →

T5F: Guest Stars

5. Maya Rudolph, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the latest example of why Tina Fey is a national treasure. I think it even one-ups 30 Rock’s penchant for zaniness bordering on surrealism. It’s in that spirit that Maya Rudolph shows up in season 3 playing Dionne Warwick and I never stopped laughing for... Continue Reading →

T5F: Guest Stars

5. Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin The X-Files S6:E6 “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas,” December 13, 1998 I feel like this episode went way under the radar, possibly because it is holiday themed, and in prime time science fiction fare, that is not always celebrated. However, as both a fan of The X-Files and of... Continue Reading →

T5F: Best Second Acts

5. Winona Ryder There was a while there where if I liked a movie, chances are Winona Ryder was in it. I mean, Heathers is legendary. But after the 90s she sort of dropped off the radar. Or maybe I just missed awesome stuff she was doing. So, I was happy to see her turn... Continue Reading →

Top Five Friday: Best Second Acts

Television is home to some serious acting comebacks. Big stars who found their way to the small screen, small screen sensations who faded away only to come roaring back into our lives and one that's just a meta miracle. Let's start there with: 5. Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish (twice) in The Comeback (2005, 2014) We only... Continue Reading →

T5F: Best Second Acts

5. Rob Lowe in Brothers & Sisters/Parks & Recreation Rob Lowe. What a treasure. He’s beautiful and ageless and somehow keeps landing really great television roles. When I first thought of him for this list, I was thinking he was amazing in West Wing and later on Parks and was so excited when I remembered... Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Law & Order

EVERYONE SHUT UP. SHUT UP, LUTZ. There is a new Law & Order coming out and it. is. genius. Law & Order: True Crime (!!!) comes out this fall with eight episodes. The promo is about the Menendez Brothers. With all the success of true crime on Netflix (How to Make a Murderer, The Keepers)... Continue Reading →

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