1990’s Nickelodeon Nostalgic OVERLODE


TCM Presents ‘Network’

by Beal Turner Classic Movies is a wonderful channel that I so often overlook. Unless I've seen the movie more than 30 times (admittedly, I watch the same 25 movies over and over and over) then I can't begin watching it halfway through. But how often do you need something to watch in 45 minutes?... Continue Reading →

Proof That TV Gods Exist

by Beal The following incident is true, and amazing. . . One evening last week, I reached the end of the proverbial television sidewalk. There was NOTHING on. A bad night I guess. No good reruns, nothing unwatched on the DVR and nothing even remotely interesting on the Freak Show channels (TLC, Discovery Health etc.).... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace, Pussycat.

I have spent the past week sitting Shiva for Bea Arthur, and I think it's finally time I quit mourning the loss of her life and instead, celebrate it, which I will begin to do right here. I first met Bea as a child, in the late 1980's on the prime-time hit The Golden Girls.... Continue Reading →

Love Fest: Christina Applegate

I wasn't a Married With Children fan. I thought the opening credits were gross and even as a pre-teen, the show struck me as incredibly depressing. Plus I always thought it was also gross that Bud kind of wanted to bang his sister. And if I'm going to watch Ed O'Neill in anything, it's going... Continue Reading →

12 Hour Sunday

On Saturday I helped my friends move. All day. There was talking and human interaction and a lot of physical activity involved. Therefore, I felt justified in wasting all of Sunday. So yesterday I did something I haven't done in a very long time. I watched TV all day. Literally. And just in case you... Continue Reading →

Simply The Best- Continued

We continue our salute to Lifetime Movies with this little gem- Shame on you, Lifetime, for keeping Mark Paul Gosselar's name off the DVD box. Surely I'm not the only one who remembers the macaroni and cheese scene. Nobody likes Lifetime movies about eating disorders more than junior high health teachers and this one was... Continue Reading →


That was awesome (And by THAT I mean Burn Notice's season finale which was, if you missed it the first time in this paragraph, AWESOME). Ok, so great, all my cable shows are ending for their "season." Since when do the powers that be just deem seasons whenever they want? I'm talking to you, USA... Continue Reading →

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