NTO DVD: Dallas Season 4 (1980-1981)

by Beal This is a cry for help. I have a problem, and I'm willing to admit it, but unwilling to get help. I completed yet another season of Dallas in record time, because every episode was spectacular. This season, which is actually season 3 on television (DVD box sets consider the Miniseries to be... Continue Reading →


NTO DVD: Dallas Season 3

by Beal I was hesitant to post this. In fact, I have waited two weeks to finally admit that I watched yet another season of Dallas in less than two weeks time (and then immediately ordered Season 4). I mean, I have always known exactly how much time I spend watching television. It's copious and... Continue Reading →

Next Time On DVD: Dallas Seasons 1 & 2

by Beal I recently developed a voracious appetite for late seventies melodrama and the only thing that satiates it, is Dallas. This epic prime-time saga, the Holy Grail of serialized dramatic fiction, ran for 14 seasons. I however, have only made my way through seasons one and two, whose 29 episodes and bonus features have... Continue Reading →

Next Time On DVD: My So Called Life

by Beal Here at Next Time On, we believe that keeping a season/series running on DVD is as important (if not more) than having a book going at all times. You know, something to fall back on when the infomercials (that don't star Jack LeLanne) begin, or maybe to watch from your bedroom television that... Continue Reading →

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