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We’re trying out a new feature here at NTO, called TVolution (like “evolution” but with TV, get it?), which will feature legends (a term we use quite loosely) of the small screen from their earliest role to their latest, and hopefully, we’ll have some fun along the way. . .

The TVolution of Danny DeVito

Although Danny DeVito is probably most well known for film roles (such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Batman Returns, Twins and Junior) or for his frequent drunken appearances on morning AND evening talk shows, here at NTO we respect ┬áthe legendary Danny DeVito for his numerous roles on the small screen–from his role as Louie De Palma on Taxi to his current role as Frank Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and everything in between.

1. 1978-1983: Taxi as Louis De Palma 2. 1980/1987: SNL host 3. 1991/1992: The Simpsons as Herb Powell (two episodes) 4. 2006-Present: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Frank Reynolds


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