Do You Miss Us?

Sorry about the silence around here. I'm battling a deadly disease (sounds better than "the sniffles") and Beal's life, it sounds like from Twitter, is basically unraveling at the seams. Anyway, here's a quick Round Up of the TV I've caught over the last two weeks and my thoughts because, oh, you are DYING to... Continue Reading →


Top Five Fridays: Favorite Game Shows of All Time (Continued)

by Judi 5. Family Feud (1976 - Present) An offshoot of the popular Beal-favored game show Match Game, Family Feud (aka "THE FEUD") has been appeared on and off since 1976 and I know I'm not alone in silently hoping that it lives forever. Two families pitted against each other and then the audience for... Continue Reading →

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