Couch Day AKA My Loved Ones Now Worry About My Mental Health

by Judi I was relatively busy on Friday and Saturday so I made myself a deal and, yes, it's not unusual to treat myself like a stubborn toddler. "If you play nice this weekend, I promise you can watch TV all day on Sunday." So, that's what I did. I played nice and then I... Continue Reading →


So You Think You Can Cry

by Judi A few recent musings on summer TV offerings. I really, really hate these reality shows that force you to watch weeks of auditions and try-outs before they actually start the show. And do the episodes need to be TWO HOURS LONG? So You Think You Can Dance is a fine example as apparently... Continue Reading →

The Bad Movie Stimulus Package

by Judi I'm willing to put up with a lot when it comes to movies. That Matthew McConaughey is actually in the same bar as Kate Hudson just as he's about to make a bet with his boss that he can make a girl fall in love with him to land a high-falutin' diamond account.... Continue Reading →

TCM Presents ‘Network’

by Beal Turner Classic Movies is a wonderful channel that I so often overlook. Unless I've seen the movie more than 30 times (admittedly, I watch the same 25 movies over and over and over) then I can't begin watching it halfway through. But how often do you need something to watch in 45 minutes?... Continue Reading →

The Week Continues To Be DEVASTATING

by Judi Apparently, couldn't live without Bea. Sigh. If my childhood were an animated movie, it'd likely be drawn in the style of Don Bluth and there's no doubt that Dom DeLuise would be narrating it.  Just looking at his list of credits on Wikipedia put a lump in my throat the size of two... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Boys

by Beal So I admit it: I love made for tv movies more than feature films. Why? You might ask. Because they're so damn simple. They follow a formula and best of all, they last two hours, and have built in breaks. The other night though, I felt like maybe broadening my horizons, watching a... Continue Reading →

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

aka Lazy Filmmaking at Its Finest Did you see the movie? Let's just say, I'm drinking to remember all right. The better X-Men movies, that is. If you have seen it, let's play a little game. I'm going to tell you which movies you'll be reminded of and you tell me what scene corresponds with... Continue Reading →

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