Do You Miss Us?

Sorry about the silence around here. I'm battling a deadly disease (sounds better than "the sniffles") and Beal's life, it sounds like from Twitter, is basically unraveling at the seams. Anyway, here's a quick Round Up of the TV I've caught over the last two weeks and my thoughts because, oh, you are DYING to... Continue Reading →

Say No to Jon & Kate- Say Yes to Ruby

by Judi Television is a passive experience, to say the least. In fact, is there anything MORE passive than sitting motionless on your couch, watching a flickering screen while your hand methodically plunges into a bag of Baked Lays? Maybe if you're in a coma and can't open your eyes (aka my worst nightmare). The... Continue Reading →

August 17th Premiere

by Judi Does it surprise you to learn that this is my favorite reality show? Are you concerned about me, when you discover that every once in a while I haunt the deplorable, horribly organized Bravo website in hopes of seeing a premiere date for this program? Will you be there to feel my head... Continue Reading →

So You Think You Can Cry

by Judi A few recent musings on summer TV offerings. I really, really hate these reality shows that force you to watch weeks of auditions and try-outs before they actually start the show. And do the episodes need to be TWO HOURS LONG? So You Think You Can Dance is a fine example as apparently... Continue Reading →

What The Hell Am I Doing?

by Judi Such is the question to ask oneself while watching The Girls Next Door spin-off Kendra. I'm now going to admit something now that may shock you. I have little use for the E! Network. I know. I know. Try to contain yourself and let me explain. Or rather, I guess the programming explains... Continue Reading →

Starting to Breathe Easier

  Because a) Kathy's back and I just discovered she's on Twitter and now I have to go be her 70,000th follower. Excuse me. Oh, and b) Mad Men Season 2 on DVD on July 14th! by Judi

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