Drowning Little Ricky

Last night's intervention was atypical. Obviously drugs and alcohol are the basic vices for the show, but occasionally they mix it up with a gambling junkie or a non-eater/puker. There are also intermittent self-mutilator or OCD episodes, but those are usually few and far between, and generally the person is also addicted to something more... Continue Reading →



After a week of vacation (temporary construction induced eviction) I returned to my apartment ready to get back into my routine. Most people probably catch up with their mail, emails, yard work, what have you when they return from some time away. I, catch up with the DVR. Nothing is better than a weekend television... Continue Reading →


My name is Melissa. M-E-L-I-S-S-A. And I'm addicted to Intervention on A&E.  I used to enjoy the show for the first 15 minutes when they would show how entirely fucked up an addict would behave. I realize how twisted it might be to find humor in such serious problems, but I don't think anyone can,... Continue Reading →

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