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That was awesome (And by THAT I mean Burn Notice’s season finale which was, if you missed it the first time in this paragraph, AWESOME). Ok, so great, all my cable shows are ending for their “season.” Since when do the powers that be just deem seasons whenever they want? I’m talking to you, USA Network.  Two months of episodes does not a season make. I guess I have to start watching In Plain Sight now, are you happy? Oh, was that the point? Touche USA. These colors don’t run indeed.

On a geeky sidenote, I am DYING for a Mythbusters devoted to Michael’s little exploits. Can you really rig your house to blow using Christmas lights and non-dairy creamer? I have to know. (Ugh, this isn’t the first time I thought about Mythbusters today. The first time was during my very very favorite Bones rerun “Aliens in a Spaceship” where they hotwire the cell phone to the horn of a car to send a text message underground. I need to go outside I think. Maybe buy a frisbee.)

– Judi

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