Everything is Terrible Let’s Talk About TV

1. Or look at pictures about TV. Mike Denison is drawing a picture of Bea Arthur every day for a year (again). 2.  Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later is now on Netflix. It is, as expected, completely ridiculous and has crammed so many movie parodies into it, that it's frankly impressive. Bonus points for... Continue Reading →


Proof That This Blog Is Absolutely Necessary

by Beal & Judi Judi: OMG CYBILL BEAL THIS IS HUGE season passing immediately Beal: right?!! that literally happened i had a conversation about DYING to watch that show and nothing i could do about it and then, Lifetime coughed it up Judi: it's incredible what else should we ask for? i could go for... Continue Reading →


After a week of vacation (temporary construction induced eviction) I returned to my apartment ready to get back into my routine. Most people probably catch up with their mail, emails, yard work, what have you when they return from some time away. I, catch up with the DVR. Nothing is better than a weekend television... Continue Reading →

Best Observation of the Night

Vic: Why is Ramona dressed like a snack cake? In other news, I hearby announce that The Countess needs to go to Tool Academy. IMMEDIATELY. I never thought I would take Crazy Magoo's side on anything but I did last night. I actually sided with Ramona. I need a drink the size of my head... Continue Reading →

Hold that Apple Ladies, Hold it Right Up

Never has the phrase "money doesn't buy class" been more applicable, than it is to Real Housewives of New York City. Are you kidding me right now? THIS is how you behave? On camera? I shudder to think what you're doing behind closed doors, ladies. Honest to Christ, I cringe less when watching The Bad Girls... Continue Reading →

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