Character Spotlight: Liz Lemon

by Judi Show: 30 Rock Character: Liz Lemon Actor: Tina Fey Basically: The intrepid Liz Lemon, introduced perkily in the 30 Rock pilot as this generation's That Girl, is the creator and head writer of Friday night sketch show TGS with Tracy Jordan, formally The Girlie Show starring her longtime friend Jenna Maroney. As the... Continue Reading →


The Philanthropist

by Judi Thanks a lot, NBC, for providing me with a promising new show with a name that I have to spell-check twenty-seven times. I'll confess that I'm mainly checking out this drama at 10/9C (given a surprisingly positive review from Entertainment Weekly) because Neve Campbell is in it and I have a bizarre sentimental... Continue Reading →

Come Ride With Me!

Oh Kristen. You must be EXHAUSTED from carrying Saturday Night Live on your back these days, you and poor McGruber. Thank God for the Internet so I can watch this sketch over and over and over again. Also, sometimes I watch a random clip on Hulu and when I come back, the random clip I... Continue Reading →

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