Review: The Orville

Synopsis: Four hundred years into the future, 40 year old Ed Mercer (Seth McFarlane) finally gets to captain his own space ship. Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5 stars) Reason: This show, which looked absolutely ludicrous in the trailer, is actually pretty solid. A science fiction comedy drama, the hour-long show certainly sounds original, but... Continue Reading →


T5F: Shows That I Just Can’t

These range from a show I haven't even watched to shows I was into for multiple seasons then bailed on. So, the title could almost be T5F: Shows That I Never Have or Just Probably Won't Anymore: 5. Black Mirror I love sci-fi and dystopian fiction, so I should have fallen head over heels for... Continue Reading →

T5F: Shows that I Just Can’t

  Walking Dead AMC 2010 – present Let me begin by saying, genre-wise this show just isn’t going to attract me. I can appreciate a good [read: bad] horror movie or ten around the Halloween season, but I just can’t get into the zombie fad. I guess I don’t think they are interesting, or that... Continue Reading →

T5F: Shows That I Just Can’t

Look, I tried. I really did. 5. Mad Men - AMC (2007 - 2015) I actually think I did pretty well with this one! I was in it for a while, maybe through season 5... let's just say I didn't last longer than Don's marriage to Megan. But it was tough. I remember the feeling of seeing... Continue Reading →

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Thank you, EW, for this instructive list: Friday, Sept. 1 IMAX: Marvel’s Inhumans* 12 a.m. — Narcos (Netflix) Tuesday, Sept. 5 9 p.m. –Below Deck (Bravo) 10 p.m. –American Horror Story: Cult (FX) Wednesday, Sept. 6 9 p.m. — Total Bellas (E!) 10 p.m. –You’re the Worst (FXX) 10 p.m. – Eric & Jesse (E!) Friday, Sept. 8 12 a.m. — BoJack Horseman (Netflix) 12 a.m. — Fire... Continue Reading →

T5F: Favorite Cult Shows

Honorable Mentions: The Comeback. The X-Files. 5. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job I was in the right place at the right time when this show came out. I was in my mid twenties, working a few shifts a week at a sort of shady bar/club and spending all of my spare time smoking... Continue Reading →

T5F: Favorite Cult Shows

5. Strangers With Candy (1999-2000) Amy Sedaris makes me laugh any time she turns up in something. (She’s a hilarious highlight in any Kimmy Schmidt episode, for example). I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Strangers is her masterpiece so far. But though she starred in this cracked mixture of after-school special and... Continue Reading →

T5F: Favorite Cult Shows

5. Riverdale - CW, 2017 - Present The newest one in the bunch! What a weird, wonderful show. The thing I think I appreciate about any teen show is when it's genuinely well done. Teenagers are, how do I put this lightly, teenagers are dumb- they're unformed adults and they usually have terrible taste; you... Continue Reading →

Summer Binge Report: A Good/Bad Place

Ten minutes ago, I deleted Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from my phone; in a week, I'll be on vacation with my family and thought I'd take a social media break a little bit sooner than planned. Last night, at the end of a brutally long work week, I must've had a nightmare because I woke... Continue Reading →

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