Here at Next Time On, we try our best (and by “best” I mean “to the best of our time-suckage capabilities”) to provide you with a well-rounded view of the television world.

Wondering why you can’t find a reference to, say, CSI:Miami Blue Bloods? Here’s an abbreviated list of the  shows and types of shows we’re actually not interested in:

  • Procedurals and terrible sitcoms on CBS: Yes, NCIS, CSI and shows like Numbers and Criminal Minds are some of the most outrageously popular shows in the country. Yes, we trip over their spin-offs everywhere. But we don’t care. I, for one, tried, I really did. I watched one whole episode of NCIS a few months ago and I still have no idea what the draw is to these shows. Little character development, the same patterns over and over again, cheesy one-liners. Save it for your grandmother’s TV blog. This applies to terrible sitcoms like Two Broke Girls and Donut Shop or whatever it’s called. Judi has made an exception to Big Bang Theory, which is okay, and Moms, which is legitimately good.
  • Reality Shows: The Amazing Race, Survivor, The Bachelor… I don’t care what real people do. Give me Joan Collins, Rob Lowe and a cliffhanger any day. If you’re looking for a hilarious recap on the whores and morons tripping over themselves on The Real World, try Television Without Pity (aw. RIP. The new TWP is probably Vulture.)

The easiest way to find out what shows we cover is to take a gander at the right-hand column, where you’ll see an embarrassingly long list of television shows categorized by Comedy, Drama, Variety, Talk Show, etc. Sometimes I look at the long list of television shows and I cry a little. But they’re tears of AWESOME so I quickly get over it.


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