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Can’t get enough of us? NEITHER CAN WE. We must be made for each other.

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Beal did not write this book of poetry but Judi wishes she did. Judi also wishes she was the cover art director on the project.

Judi used to write for Creme de la Mode, about things that are pretty. She wrote Creme with her friend Jen, who used to live next door to her in Los Angeles. Judi also used to live next door to Beal in Los Angeles. (This shared-street thing has proven very useful in filling up her free time.) She also was the writer/editor for Some Kitchen Stories with her former coworker and friend Nicole McQuade. She writes novels and pays the bills by writing commercials for her best friend, the television.


3 thoughts on “Talk to Us

  1. I can’t figure out how to search for a show you have reviewed. Have you done Mad Men? I want to hear your take on it. I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it….

  2. I love your style of writing (both of you) so dry and funny!
    Great reviews too.
    Do you get the impression that after promising starts to many shows the writers are just getting lazy (Grey’s & some Office Episodes – British version is WAY better btw) or beating a good idea to death (24 & LOST)?

    Thanks Judi and Beal

  3. Hmm. I wouldn’t say I think they get lazy, I just think that it becomes harder and harder to one-up the last crazy plot line. Desperate Housewives is a good example, it started out with such a bang, that it would be difficult to ever create that kind of buzz again. Also, I think a lot of shows are aware that they might not get past a season or two, so they put it all out there in the beginning and then have to spend the next couple seasons trying to clean it up. As for beating a good idea to death, I think some shows just can’t help it (Lost) because they are based on such a definite premise so their flexibility is limited–Weeds found a way out of a limited premise, but to do so, it got a little ridiculous.

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