About Time

I've been in this on-again, off-again relationship over the last few years. When we started out, it was just a hook-up and I wasn't entirely sure if it was right for me but I stuck it out. And then things got pretty hot and heavy for a while there. But somewhere along the way, we... Continue Reading →

T5F: Top 5 Reasons to Watch Northern Exposure

1.) Great townsfolk Really, everyone’s personality is so nailed down here that you just like watching them talk to each other because you almost know what they’re thinking. Dr. Joel Fleischman, who recently graduated from med school, is sent to Cicely to practice for a while because they paid for his education. Joel is hyper-verbal... Continue Reading →

T5F: Top 5 Reasons to Watch The Nanny

Yeeeeeah, that's right! I'm going in hard on THE NANNY. BUCKLE UP. First up, a disclaimer: no, it's not The Wire. This low-rent sitcom from the '90s is clearly not revolutionary television. I'm not suggesting you binge watch it over a weekend and let the glories of the show, the majesty of its artistry, sink into your... Continue Reading →

T5F: Reasons to Watch Crossing Jordan

This one’s for you, Judi. 5. Developed Characters Part of the intrigue of a police procedural is that you don’t have to know much about the main characters to understand the program. There is a body or a crime and generic law enforcement/legal types spend 48 minutes figuring out whodunit. It is not that complicated.... Continue Reading →

Binge Report: The Leftovers S2

Oof. I think that was as hard as I've binged anything since Big Little Lies. Like, I'm not sure if I showered this week kind of binging. On with it. . . A list of thoughts for season two: Is this just some Fight Club shit? There's the Pixies song--which I LOVE the use of an instrumental version... Continue Reading →

2017 Viewing Goals

The year is half over and I feel like I've accomplished so little in the realm television viewership. Highlights include completing Big Little Lies in less than a week, two seasons of Love, three seasons of The X-files, and two seasons of Shameless. Okay, so maybe I've wasted more time staring at the glow box than I realized. Still, now feels... Continue Reading →


This sucks. Was just thinking about him on True Blood. He's my favorite memory from the show, the brightest light.

Binge Report: The Leftovers

I just finished season one of HBO's The Leftovers. Why aren't people talking about this??? It is like, reeeeeally good. Justin Theroux. Let's talk bout him for a minute. I'm actually not really sure where he came from. Like, all of a sudden he was around, but I knew little of his work. Mention his name... Continue Reading →

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